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Tips for Any Plumbing Emergency

5 Tips for Any Plumbing Emergency

Tips for Any Plumbing Emergency

In case you have noticed a leak in your home, then you should close the water system to proceed with repairs. This is also necessary when you need to do some work on plumbing or sanitary systems. To close the water system of a home depends a lot on the type of system itself and on the point at which you have to close the supply. In most household chores, it is sufficient to turn off the general tap inside the house. But before we dive into the temporary fixes in the next blogs, we’ve identified our tech’s guide: 5 top tips for any plumbing emergency:

Locate and isolate the internal faucet valve

Shut off the mains water supply to domestic pipes. It is usually found under the kitchen sink, near the water tank. Even if you have followed this suggestion, but the water leaks do not stop, then it will be necessary to proceed with the other suggestion.

— Identify and isolate the external tap valve

The external tap is a valve for switching the domestic water network on or off, it can also switch off that of the neighbours, so please be careful! Before trying to make temporary fixes, find the faucet. Most sanitary fittings have a dedicated shut-off valve located under the sanitary.


Even after turning off the water correctly, sometimes there is still water in the pipes. If you still have a water tank, it can also hold a large amount of water and require isolation (usually two red heads (gate valves) are located at the bottom of the tank. To get rid of them, simply open all the taps and allow them to drain and prevent further damage to your home.


If the plumbing emergency is related to your boiler or radiators, we recommend that you do not attempt to carry out boiler repairs yourself. Just turn off the device. Then, call our staff on emergency number to request immediate intervention or to arrange an appointment. If you find the drain valve of the heating system, you can open it to relieve the pressure and avoid damage caused by water in the event of the appliance leaking.


The best way to avoid potential plumbing emergencies is to be prepared and take steps to prevent a water failure before something happens. You should have more complete information about the plumbing system, take note and label where and what each shut-off valve is, and so you can intervene quickly in an emergency. If you need help doing this, contact us today. We at Emergency Plumber London 24H are at the complete disposal of customers by offering the best plumbing repair and maintenance services throughout the London area.

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