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Signs that it’s time to replace old plumbing


When it comes to plumbing problems, your home has a way of letting you know that something is wrong. A good rule of thumb? Use your senses! Listening, observing and smelling are great ways to prevent major disasters by discovering problems early.

Leaky tap

Just as a malfunctioning toilet can cost you dearly, a leaky or dripping tap does the same. This problem usually does not solve itself and gets worse the more you ignore it. Although some taps can be repaired with DIY and spare parts, it may be cheaper to buy a new tap. Especially if the current model is outdated and needs to be repaired. Moreover, a replacement can add a touch of class to the kitchen or bathroom quite inexpensively, increasing the value of the house.

Clogged drains

Clogged drains are easy to notice when the water in the sink does not drain properly. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can work wonders on clogs, as can commercially available chemicals to pour down the sink. A ‘snake’ is a handy plastic or metal tool that you stick into the pipe to pull or push dirt or hair, or whatever is down there! If these tactics do not work, a severely clogged or corroded drain may need to be completely replaced.

Slow drains

Sometimes a clogged sink is not the cause of a clog, but a lack of venting. Think of the way a straw holds liquid at the bottom if you put your finger on the top: that’s exactly how your plumbing works, too! Vents allow pipes to drain effortlessly and are usually installed at the same time as drainage pipes; however, some people skip this step to save money. If water drainage is slow or water pressure is low, vent pipes can do wonders to improve the flow in your home.

Old pipes

Many old houses have galvanised pipes that must be removed according to local building regulations, especially if the house is sold. Galvanised pipes corrode and rust easily from the inside. It causes low or uneven water pressure, discoloured water and potentially serious leaks.

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